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blah and things you probably don't want to know about

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so, my pelvis is separating early. We want the pelvis to separate, but not quite this much and not quite this early. I never knew that my pelvis was not a solid piece of bone, but it's not. It's four bones held together by ligaments, which stretch to enable the baby to pass through them. Good thing. But the stretchy ligaments mean that the bones now grind together and make it downright painful to walk or stand up or carry anything. So, I'm on moderate bedrest until further notice. There's no danger to the baby, so it's not a really strict bedrest -- I can get up to go to the bathroom, or go get something to drink -- I can move around when and if I feel I can. The more moving around, the more resting I have to do later. So, this pretty much sucks. I've been knitting like a fiend for the past two weeks, and my hands are beginning to hurt. I've already read all the books I own, and am about to start the 2nd one Sabatina lent me. Our computer is fairly useless as a DVD player. whine whine whine whine

In other respects, I feel great. I've finally gained some weight (a whole 5 lbs, which means I'm still down 6 lbs from where I started) and I can generally eat real food, which is exciting.
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