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A rough day....and Mac

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so, I'm having a rough day today. It's cold here, and I can't get anything to go right and I miss my Hub and my pelvis hurts and my dogs won't leave me alone and I'm just crying at the drop of a hat. I went to put on my new overalls, and the straps got all tangled, and I couldn't get them to cooperate and I just burst into tears. I had this sudden memory of my darling friend Mac who's just found me again after 5 years. He's a big guy with a big heart, and there was a time when we were inseperable. We nursed each other through some pretty nasty broken hearts. We both got our hearts trampled at about the same time, and for some reason, though I had never spoken to him before, I sent him an e-mail that said something on the lines of "I'm miserable and you're miserable, and why don't we be miserable together. I can't sleep anymore so if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm pretty much awake all the time now." And a few nights later, I got a phone call at 3am -- it was Mac, and he was really upset and just wanted someone to talk to -- so I threw my parka on over my PJs and sprinted to his dorm, and we stayed up the rest of the night talking and crying. I've never felt I could trust someone in so short a time. Everyone else thought we were secretly sleeping together, but we weren't. We pretty much vaulted straight into a brother/sister-type situation. I'm so happy he's back.

Anyway, the memory. I was having a rotten day, crying due to encounter with my cause of my aforementioned broken heart. I had to go to rehearsal (Mac and I were in the same choir) and as I get there, I see Mac, who's looking at me strangely and I can tell he's about to give me shit for something. But he must have seen in my face how upset I was, because he just came over and smiled at me, and very gently unhooked and untwisted my overall straps, hooked them back up and gave me a big hug. My memory is going to hell these days, but I can remember his face so clearly as he did that.
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lonely lonely and nostalgic.
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