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elkefetterolf's Journal

3 August
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I'm a wicked nerd. I like nerdy things. If it can be cross-referenced, chances are I'll love it.

I live in a old farmhouse in need of some serious renovations, improvements and upgrades with the love of my life, my husband, Shawn, who needs no renovations, improvements or upgrades. We have two dogs, Kate and Yeager. Yeager is a wonderfully dignified, sometimes goofy and thoroughly massive English Mastiff. Kate is an ever-hopeful, sweetpea, pain-in-the-ass, absolutely loveable, hyperactive mutt of some kind. We're thinking she's greyhound/doberman/black lab....but in the end, she's just Kate.

We also have a small cat, Xiao Miao Bella Luna, and 2 Belgian horses, Daisy and Lupine. We used to have a flock of chickens, but they were eaten and not by us; now we have a flock of wellfed foxes.