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Our puppy's coming home today! Our very own slobbering, drooling,…

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Our puppy's coming home today! Our very own slobbering, drooling, teething, chewing, peeing little pup. Except that he's not so little -- 8 months old, and probably a 100 lbs or so. Regardless, I'm thrilled, as is Hub. I don't think the other two dogs will be at first. We set up his crate last night, and both dogs stared at in horror. Kate actually avoids being near it, as if she's afraid someone will scoop her up from behind and toss her in the big bad cage. Repeated assurances that she does not have to go in -- and even keeping the door closed have not helped. Currently, she's sitting in front of the heater, staring at the cage malevolently. She's so freakin' fantastic.

Our Thanksgiving was good. We hibernated here, just us and the dogs. As we have no heat, it's very difficult to induce us to get out of our cozy bed and go down to the frigid kitchen to make breakfast. Hub stalled and stalled and finally said we'd go out to breakfast. For future reference: there are no Middlebury restaurants that serve breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. Most of them aren't even open at all. Not the Indian restaurant, nor the 2 Chinese restaurants. Only the snooty restaurant that serves a "traditional New England Thanksgiving". Bah. Traditional, my lily-white keister. I bet they don't have green-bean casserole, made with all canned ingredients. We ate ham steaks and mashed potatoes. Hub made a fancy-dancy kind of stuffing, with white wine. Yum. Except that the wine didn't all boil off, so Hub wouldn't let me eat the stuffing -- too much alcohol, he said. He didn't eat it either.
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