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Baby Shower?

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so, I've been stressing out about this for quite some time -- pretty much since I got pregnant... I mean, 1) I HATE parties where people stare at me, 2) I'm not really speaking to the vast majority of my family 3) I'm not so much up on parties where people are supposed to buy you shit just 'cause you've invited them. Excellent recipe for party fun. Ideally, it'd just be my favorite women together to drink virgin bloody marys or some such and giggle together. But, at 2:15am, as I was tallying up who consitutes my favorite women, there's like maybe 10 of them, 6 of which won't be able to make it. And that kind of makes me sad. So, I've decided to go with the half of my family that I'm speaking to (the Boyden side) and whom I think are really quite swell, plus various and sundry other gals that I love. Of course, the other side of the fam is going to get wicked f*ckin' pissed when they hear I've had a shower and not invited them, but screw 'em. If the thought of them being there is enough to stress me out to wake me up at 2:15am, then I don't want them there.

in other news, Hub bought me an iPod. Christ. I really have become a yuppie, haven't I?
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